Friday, September 23, 2016

Michelle Obama and Laura Bush on Supporting the Military Community

First Lady Michelle Obama and her predecessor Laura Bush talked about their support for U.S. servicemembers, veterans, and their families. They spoke about their shared experiences raising daughters during a time of war, and the need for more awareness of veterans' mental health issues. The forum was moderated by Bob Woodruff, who was seriously injured in 2006 while covering the war in Iraq.

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Source: C-SPAN

Trailblazers in Black History: Sammy Davis, Jr. & Carroll O'Connor

The iconic stars were responsible for the first African-American interracial male kiss on network television. This clip says it all. Enjoy.

'Flashback Friday': Carter vs. Reagan, the 1980 Debates

This video was uploaded on YouTube on February 10, 2011. 

The closing arguments all but determined the winner during the 1980 presidential debates between President Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.


Exclusive Video: Moments Leading Up to Charlotte Shooting of Keith Lamont Scott

Drug-Resistant Superbugs Are 'Fundamental Threat' to Humans, WHO Says

All Eyes on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton with Debate Just 3 Days Away

Donald Trump Voices Support For Controversial 'Stop and Frisk' Policy

Early Get-Out-the-Vote Efforts Favor Clinton: Ballot Requests in Battleground States

As Election Day nears, both Democratic and Republican campaigns are ramping up their efforts to get out the vote. With the rise of early and absentee voting across the country, campaigns are increasingly focused on early voting as a method of securing an early lead in the race.

One way that campaigns try to accomplish this is to motivate voters to request an absentee ballot. By tracking and analyzing these requests, campaigns get an early glimpse into how well their get-out-the-vote efforts are working in the very early stages of the campaign.

The first batch of absentee ballot request data suggests that Hillary Clinton may have an early advantage, though Donald Trump appears to be better positioned in Florida, a key swing state.

The NBC News Data Analytics Lab -- using data provided by TargetSmart — analyzed absentee ballot requests in six critical battleground states - Florida, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada and Pennsylvania. The chart below shows the number of requests received so far. 

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Conservatives File Voter Registration Lawsuits That Liberals Say Are Blocking Votes

By Pam Fessler

It's no secret that voter registration lists are filled with inaccuracies. People move. Or change their names. Or die. But it can take months if not years for the rolls to get updated. Now, conservative groups are taking a number of election officials to court, saying they're not doing their jobs. Liberal groups think the real purpose is to make it more difficult for some people to vote.

The lawsuits have targeted about a dozen counties so far in Texas, Florida, North Carolina and Mississippi. And even some cities, such as Philadelphia and Alexandria, Va.

"This is an effort to make the voter rolls cleaner and to follow federal law before the elections in November," says J. Christian Adams, president of the Public Interest Legal Foundation. His group is behind the suits, along with the American Civil Rights Union. Adams is a former Justice Department official who has been at the forefront of efforts to restore what he calls "election integrity." 

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Source: npr (All Things Considered)

Federal Guidance for Police in Schools Won’t Stop Criminalization of Kids


Earlier this month, the federal government offered guidance to school districts that use police officers to keep order in their public schools. To say guidance is needed is a vast understatement.

Since the deployment of officers in schools became routine across the country, there’s been no shortage of reports about children being pepper-sprayed, handcuffed, roughed up and otherwise abused by officers – often for nothing more than typical adolescent behavior.

In many jurisdictions, school officials have essentially turned over routine disciplinary matters to the police.

Because police are in the business of combatting crime, not educating children, the results shouldn’t surprise anyone. Misbehavior that once earned a student a stern reprimand – or maybe a stint in study hall – now can land a kid behind bars. Instead of a trip to the guidance counselor, a child who gets in trouble now often faces a maze of court appearances, fines and even jail time. The consequences for children and families can be enormous.

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Source: The Southern Poverty Law Center

How Will Corruption Charges Affect Cuomo’s Future?


If Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo ever harbored the national ambitions that some say lie at his political core, the hopes might have centered on his Buffalo Billion economic-development program.

If Cuomo could turn around the poster child for Rust Belt cities, conventional wisdom held, he could make a case of turning around a nation lingering in a stagnant economy.

But now Cuomo faces political challenges far more immediate than running for president someday. Now, the governor must fend off torrents of criticism rushing his way following the federal corruption charges lodged against his closest advisers – some who have dwelled in his inner circle for decades. 

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Source: The Buffalo News (via The Empire Report) 

Former Lawmen Christie and Cuomo Now Bound by Scandals


The governor of New York is scheduled to be in the city early next week to wax eloquent on the subject of infrastructure, a topic to which he is so devoted that his aides have encouraged comparisons to Robert Moses. They appear to have forgotten that thanks to the narrative skills of Robert Caro, the master builder is remembered not so much for his great works of public utility as his unscrupulous exercise of raw power.

But perhaps that is not the comparison they seek to make.

In any case, there are probably bookmakers in more advanced nations who are calculating the odds of Andrew Cuomo fulfilling his obligation to the Association for a Better New York on Tuesday afternoon. But betting that the governor will soon come down with an ailment requiring extensive quarantine would be like putting down $2 on Secretariat to show in the '73 Belmont Stakes. A gamble, perhaps, but one hardly worthy of the concept.

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Source: Politico (via The Empire Report)