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Les Payne: Raw and Uncensored (A Special Tribute)


Pulitzer Prize Winner Discusses His Career, His Battle
with the New York Times, the 'Tactical Genius' of President
Obama, and the Global Crackdown and Killing of Journalists 

"There's always been extreme pressure, periodically, because the government sees a legitimate, bonafide, committed press as being its enemy. And they're right, at least in theory. I mean, one of the things we're supposed to do is hold them accountable; to be a watchdog on the government. It's one of our chief roles."  Les Payne

This post is in honor of Mr. Payne, who was a mentor to "The G-Man" and a staunch supporter of "From The G-Man" and "The G-Man Interviews".

The interview was conducted at Mr. Payne's home in Harlem, New York, on April 15, 2014. It was published on YouTube on April 22 of that year.

A correction: The photo used in this episode to depict the Soweto uprising was placed in error, and the mistake was not realized until well after the video had been completed and posted online.

In addition, Mr. Payne noted that.... "The South African police murderously cracked down on Soweto school children killing hundreds of Black children and adults. If anything, it was the South African police armed with thousands of weapons that went wild during the civil disorder in Soweto and elsewhere in 1976."

The G-Man Interviews apologizes to any viewers that may find the photo and caption offensive.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Journalist Les Payne Dead At 76

Source: CBS News

Senate Intel Committee Leaders Discuss Recommendations for 2018 Midterms Election Security

Officials Testify on Violence Against Women Act Reauthorization

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Source: C-SPAN

Secretary Betsy DeVos Testifies on Fiscal Year 2019 Budget Request

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Source: C-SPAN

HUD Secretary Ben Carson Testifies on Fiscal Year 2019 Budget

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Brazil’s Former President Lula on U.S. Intervention in Latin America

Source: Democracy Now!

Facebook Loses $40 Billion in Share Value Over User Data Scandal

Nor'easter Impacts: Travel Danger, Wind Damage, Flooding

By Storm Team 4

A complex nor'easter is set to begin its days-long assault on the tri-state area Tuesday night, lashing the storm-battered region with raging winds and heavy, wet snow that could take down power lines and tree limbs. It's the fourth nor'easter to hit our area in less than three weeks.

Storm Team 4 has a day-by-day breakdown to help you prepare. 

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Source: NBC News 4 New York

Trump Wants the Death Penalty for Drug Traffickers. He's Got It.

Capital punishment is authorized against those who run a continuing criminal enterprise involving large quantities of drugs, or that brings in $20 million dollars over a one-year period.

by Danny Cevallos

Legal analysis

President Donald Trump said Monday that one way his administration will combat the opioid crisis is by increasing criminal penalties, including seeking the death penalty for drug traffickers.

While the legislative branch, and not the executive branch, enacts federal law, the president doesn’t need Congress for this objective.

This is because capital punishment is available for drug traffickers in the federal system; it's just not used. And it might be unconstitutional.

The president can unilaterally increase penalties by simply enforcing existing law, and using extant death penalty provisions.

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Source: NBC News 

Package Detonates at FedEx Facility Near San Antonio, Texas

Hitler Among 'Skillful Visionaries' in Children's Book, SWC Outraged

The Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC) denounced India’s B. Jain Publishing Group’s Pegasus line for selling a book for children titled, “Great Leaders” at the Krithi International Book Fair in Cochin as well as on their website,

The cover of the book shows photos of Hitler, along with Gandhi, India Prime Minister Modi, Winston Churchill, former US President Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, and Nobel Peace Prize recipient Myanmar leader, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. 

The back of the 48- page book declares:
Our world faces many challenges, which need to be dealt with skillfully. Some men and women, through their vision and understanding of these challenges, have the ability to solve any untoward situation. The book lays focus on some of these powerful world leaders who have dedicated their lives to the betterment of their countries and the people living in them — who have not just governed nations during peace times but also during times of crisis.
“Dedicated to the betterment of countries and people? Adolf Hitler? This description would bring tears of joy to the Nazis and their racist neo-Nazi heirs. Adolf Hitler was a visionary—his vision almost destroyed our planet; started WWII - which left tens of millions dead and mass murdered 6 million Jews during the Nazi Holocaust,” charged Rabbi Abraham Cooper, Associate Dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center and who directs the Jewish human rights NGO’s global social action agenda.

“Placing Hitler alongside truly great political and humanitarian leaders is an abomination that is made worse as it targets young people with little or no knowledge of world history and ethics,” Cooper continued.

A member of the Simon Wiesenthal Center bought the book along with the Pegasus edition of Hitler’s notorious "Mein Kampf" at the Krithi International Book Fair in Cochin, ironically the city that served as home to Jews in India for hundreds of years.

“The Wiesenthal Center demands that Pegasus Books remove “Great Leaders” from circulation and its online store. Pegasus lists offices in the United Kingdom, UAE, Mexico, Ghana, Nigeria, Mauritius and Solomon Islands.

Source: The Simon Wiesenthal Center 

State and Federal Officials Provide Updates on Series of Bombings in Texas

Puerto Rico Still on the Road to Recovery Post-Hurricanes

Nearly 135,000 Puerto Ricans have relocated to Florida and 100,000 people remain without power in Puerto Rico six months after hurricanes hit the island. 

Bonus Report: Six Months After Maria, Frustrated Puerto Ricans to Rally in Washington 

Maryland High School Shooting: Student Speaks to CNN While on Lockdown

Jonathan Freese talks to CNN in the aftermath of a shooting that took place while he was in math class at Great Mills High School in Maryland. 

Statement from Governor Andrew Cuomo

"Last week I stood shoulder to shoulder with students demanding action on gun violence to protect themselves and their classmates. Today's shooting at Great Mills High School in Maryland is another tragic and exasperating reminder of the enduring threat of gun violence. Thoughts and prayers are not enough. We need action.

"While Washington abdicates its responsibility to keep the American people safe, New York is showing the way forward. After the massacre at Sandy Hook, we passed the SAFE Act, the toughest and smartest gun safety legislation in the nation. This year we are moving forward with new measures to make our laws even stronger, including preventing individuals with a history of domestic violence from purchasing or owning guns and extending the background check waiting period to up to 10 days.

"Students in New York and across the nation are showing more leadership than our so-called leaders in Washington. In New York, we are listening to the voices of the students and taking action. The lives of our children and our families are at stake."

Source: The Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo 

Creating More Transparent Conditions for EU Workers

Source: euronews.

China's President Delivers Nationalistic Speech to Congress

Source: euronews.

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy in Police Custody: Reports

Source: euronews.

Actress Cynthia Nixon Running for Governor of New York

Source: CBS News

Extensive Data Shows Punishing Reach of Racism for Black Boys

By Emily Badger, Claire Cain Miller, Adam Pearce and Kevin Quealy

Black boys raised in America, even in the wealthiest families and living in some of the most well-to-do neighborhoods, still earn less in adulthood than white boys with similar backgrounds, according to a sweeping new study that traced the lives of millions of children.

White boys who grow up rich are likely to remain that way. Black boys raised at the top, however, are more likely to become poor than to stay wealthy in their own adult households.

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Source: The New York Times (via Empire Report New York) 

What You Need To Know About Deleting Your Facebook Account

It’s harder than you think.

By Ann Brenoff

Breaking up with Facebook is hard to do. The ubiquitous social media giant apparently doesn’t take user rejection lightly, and despite its string of bad behavior, it isn’t about to let you ― or your personal data ― go without a struggle. 

The latest accusation that Facebook misbehaved came over the weekend, when U.S. and British lawmakers demanded to know why the site didn’t warn 50 million of its users that a political data firm with links to President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign had harvested their private information for something called a “psychographic voter model.”

Facebook has previously been accused of breaching the trust of its users: It allowed itself to be used as a tool for disinformation and admitted to running fake political ads designed to mislead voters.

Even aside from fears that data could wind up in the wrong places, some users have just reached their saturation point for cat videos and lunch photos. They would like to bid adieu, but Facebook makes it hard. So what’s a Facebook user to do if they’ve had enough?

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Source: The Huffington Post (via Empire Report New York) 

NY Attorney General Investigating Death of Trevyan Rowe

This report was broadcast on March 19. 

Source: WHAM ABC 13 (via Empire Report New York)

Spectrum Switching to Digital Only: How Much Will It Cost You?

By Josh Bazan

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) - Spectrum is upgrading to an all-digital network, which it says will provide better picture quality and faster internet speeds. But it means an end to plugging the cable cord right into the back of a television. Soon, in order to get cable on different TVs, customers will need to have a Spectrum digital receiver (or other device) for each TV.

The change for customers in WNY has been going on since January. Spectrum is contacting individuals regarding specific upgrade dates and informing them of the new network. Different communities are being upgraded each week through June.

For Spectrum customers, each box costs $6.99 per month. If you have a legacy Time Warner Cable package, additional boxes cost $11.75 per month.

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Source: WKBW ABC 7 (via Empire Report New York) 

Bonus Report: Spectrum Facing $1 Million Fine, Loss of New York City Franchise

Cuomo Orders a Review of Vance’s Handling of Weinstein Investigation

 Harvey Weinstein

By Vivian Wang and James C. McKinley Jr. 

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo directed the state attorney general on Monday to review how the Manhattan district attorney, Cyrus R. Vance Jr., handled a 2015 sexual assault allegation against the movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

Mr. Vance decided not to prosecute Mr. Weinstein even though his accuser, an Italian model, had provided police officers with a recording of Mr. Weinstein apologizing when she asked him why he 
had groped her breasts the day before.

Mr. Vance said at the time that there was insufficient evidence, a defense he repeated last year after an outpouring of accusations against Mr. Weinstein reopened scrutiny of the decision, and also cast light on Mr. Vance’s acceptance of campaign donations from Mr. Weinstein’s lawyers.

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Source: The New York Times (via Empire Report New York)

NY Pol Supports Housing Rights Initiative Against the Kushner Companies

The following statement was submitted by the office of New York State Assembly Member Michael Blake of District 79. 

Every New Yorker deserves affordable, safe and quality housing.  Today’s announcement by Aaron Carr, founder of the Housing Rights Initiative, and Bronx Council Member Ritchie Torres, that the Kushner companies falsified more than 80 work permits across 34 buildings to violate state rent regulations reminds us that the cause of fighting for housing equity for New Yorkers is still critical and necessary. 
The Kushner Companies, previously headed by Jared Kushner, failed to disclose the existence of rent-stabilized units in buildings, in an effort to avoid stringent oversight during renovations.  Additionally, the company is accused of harassing rent control tenants, causing a removal from rent-stabilized housing.
The Housing Rights Initiative investigation reveals that these coercive strategic moves by the Kushner companies are not coincidental, rather discriminatory and intentional. 
We cannot tolerate predatory landlords like Jared Kushner and the Kushner Companies who are causing a humanitarian crisis in New York by reducing the stock of affordable housing available to low and middle income families. Jared Kushner, you are not above the law.  We must protect our citizens so that families are not forced to relocate or face extreme disruption in every aspect of their lives.
Let us support Aaron Carr, the Housing Rights Initiative, and Council Member Ritchie Torres as they began a necessary investigation in their fight to protect New Yorkers and uphold justice and equity for our communities.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Mayor de Blasio Hosts Press Conference About Opioids

Source: NYC Mayor's Office

Supreme Court Rejects Attempts to Restrict, Ban Death Penalty

Lawyers for an Arizona man who killed two people argued the state's capital punishment law was too broad

by Pete Williams

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Supreme Court declined Monday to consider whether Arizona's death penalty law is so broad that it's unconstitutional.

The court also passed up an invitation to examine whether capital punishment should be banned nationwide.

Lawyers for an Arizona man, Abel Hidalgo, told the court that the state has loaded up so many factors on the list of death-eligible crimes that virtually everyone convicted of first-degree murder is eligible for the death penalty.

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Source: NBC News 

Ferry Captain-Turned-Firefighter Who Helped Hundreds on 9/11 Dies of Illness

An FDNY firefighter who helped hundreds of people escape Lower Manhattan when he was a ferry boat captain on Sept. 11, 2001, died of a related illness, officials said.

Marine Pilot Thomas Phelan of FDNY Marine Company 9 died Friday, according to officials.

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Source: NBC News 4 New York

4th Nor'easter This Month to Grip Tri-State with Snow, Strong Wind in 36-Hour Siege

A widespread storm system, the fourth nor'easter in less than three weeks, is expected to bring snow to a large swath of the tri-state area over the course of a roughly 36-hour siege to kick off spring.

Storm Team 4 says the storm system that’s currently developing out west is shaping up to arrive in the tri-state by Tuesday night, closing out the end of the first full day of spring.

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Source: NBC News 4 New York

The Week Ahead in Washington

Associated Press congressional correspondent Lisa Mascaro and The Hill’s congressional reporter Mike Lillis preview the key story lines this week on Capitol Hill and at the White House. 

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Source: C-SPAN

Rand Paul Explains Why He's Blocking Trump Nominees

Lindsey Graham Vows to Protect Robert Mueller

James Clapper on Tweets: Trump is His Own Worst Enemy

Austin Explosions: Police Investigating Blasts Ask Residents to Stay Inside

Police told residents of a neighborhood in southwest Austin to stay at home until 10 a.m. (11 a.m. ET) Monday after the fourth explosion in less than a month hit Texas' capital, injuring two men.

In a late-night news conference on Sunday, Austin Police Chief Brian Manley raised the possibility that a tripwire triggered the device in Travis County.

“We will not be able to send school buses into the neighborhood on Monday,” he said. “In addition to that, we're going to ask the residents in the Travis County neighborhood to stay in your homes tomorrow morning and give us the opportunity to process the scene once the sun comes up.” 

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Cambridge Analytica: Whistleblower Reveals Data Grab of 50 Million Facebook Profiles

Lake Chad: 'Rate of Its Shrinking is Getting Faster'

Mexico Quake Survivors Still Live in Tents Six Months On

Sierra Leone: Ebola Survivors 'Not Getting Help' They Need

Syria: Civilians Flee as Two Big Battles Enter Decisive Phases

Source: FRANCE 24 English

Russia: 'A Lot of People Like the Return to Great Power Status That Mr. Putin is Delivering'

Source: FRANCE 24 English